Ethical and environmentally friendly fashion


PARAPIECE started with the idea that our products should last a lifetime while creating unique designs that everyone will enjoy.


This mindset has given us the opportunity to explore endless ideas and concepts that are currently in the works that will redefine how clothing are viewed as essential wear and functional fashion.


All of our clothing, shoes, skincare, makeup and accessories are ethically and organically sourced, made, distributed and recycled through trusted and verified networks, companies and organizations that seek to improve and expand their methods to other areas of the world while helping the environment one step at a time.


This company is about designing and creating various forms of clothing, shoes and accessories while still adhering to the cause of making them as sustainable, earth friendly and fair-trade related as possible. This goes from our materials used to design to the packaging right before distribution.

We always make sure that the products that are made are properly tested and reviewed in order to ensure the safety of our customers and supporters.

If there are any questions or concerns, please call, text or email us.
Phone Number: +1(410)-497-7567
Email: [email protected]


While our company is involved with the creation of various environmentally friendly clothing and accessories, we also delve into reviews and analysis on a multitude of clothing brands, shoe brands, beauty brands and more. We also deal with tutorials and advising on how to design and create various types of clothing, shoes and accessories. Along with being involved with various commentary on topics ranging from current events in the fashion and beauty world, fair-trade/free-trade news and updates around the world, and how to be as sustainable as possible in these current times.

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Cathyrose Odoh founded PARAPIECE in 2020, and was involved with the direction and overall outline for the company. Artistic journey began at the age of three with the drawing of her first cat. Since then explored and expanded her knowledge of various art mediums and techniques. Still does multiple forms of art to this day. Started designing shoes and various clothes, accessories around the same year as well.